Amazing World Record – 9 Golfers sink 9 balls into one hole at the same time

Amazing World Record – 9 Golfers sink 9 Ball in the same hole at the same time. This is a must watch video and showing something cool you havent’ seen before:


Other Golf news:

Tiger says McIlroy should choose words more carefully:

He’s just got to be more ‑‑ just got to think about it a little bit more before you say something or do something,” said Woods. “It can get out of hand, especially when you get into social media and start tweeting and all those different things that can go wrong.” [source]

PGA awaits McIlroy explanation for walking off the course:

Official PGA Tour rules outline a player’s commitment to complete his round unless adverse conditions prevent him from doing so, but McIlroy said he was “in a bad place mentally” as he left the course, before later releasing a statement that blamed a wisdom tooth. [source]


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